About Kienle® Pipe Resonator Systems

Pipe resonator systems for churches, concert halls and living rooms with uncompared sound reproduction!

The German organ builder Ewald Kienle (1928-2021) found the solution for the combination of digital organ samples with the resonance of an organ pipe, a solution that has been desired for many years. By using advanced loudspeakers, where each loudspeaker finds 'amplification' in a real organ pipe, true-to-life pipeorgan sounds are generated.

With this modern, patented technology the process of sound development in the pipes can be controlled very precisely and reliably. This resonator system is therefore the optimal solution for desired high sound requirements, even under difficult temperature conditions. With a pipe resonator system, in combination with the sampling quality of Content Organs, the real digital pipe organ will not come closer!

Content Organs is the only supplier of these pipe resonator systems worldwide.

Listen now in our Content Concert Hall in Ermelo (The Netherlands) to the unique possibilities of an extensive Kienle® Pipe sound system or take a visit to your local dealer. Many organists and church committees preceded you! »


Watch here in an informative video how the Kienle® Systems are working in combination with Content Organs. »

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