Church organs in many shapes and sizes, taking into account the Church or the room in which the organ will be in. Content offers the possibility to build their own specific Custom Organ. Is it for a small Hall or church? Or for an impressive large Cathedral. Content Organs has its experience in both and delivers worldwide high-quality organs to churches and institutions. Make an appointment for a receipt of your denomination at our factory and discover the possibilities that Content can provide Organs

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Chapel 227
Chapel 236
Chapel 342
  • 3 velocity sensitive manuals
  • 4x 42 stops
  • 4 Unique organ styles
  • External speakers (monitor system option)
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Excellent pipe systems for churches, concert halls and private homes!

With the Kienle® Pipe Resonator System, the concept of creating real vibration in real pipes has finally come of age. Kienle® has figured out not only how to create the air vibration, but also how to disperse it widely in the room, just like a real pipe organ. The effect is magnificent and surprising, and the further one stands from a Kienle® Pipe Resonator System, the more one is aware of being enveloped by completely convincing pipe organ sound. 
Content is the only reseller of Kienle Pipesystems worldwide. Come today in contact to see what the possibilities are for your church, concert hall or private home!  More information can be found on the Kienle website »