Chapel 227
Chapel 227

For the small church, chapel or concert hall.....
Designed and conceived for the smaller church, hall or chapel, the Content Chapel 227R is a specially designed organ able to support the singing of about three hundred people.

This compact model (with locking rolltop) has a comprehensive six channel audio system which contributes to an unparalleled audio experience. The organ is available in two versions;  with internal  loudspeakers situated at the rear of the console (for the accompaniment of choirs etc.) or with an external loudspeaker system to accompany a larger group or for use in a larger venue.

Our invention technology, developed in house at Content, provides an accurate and immersive organ sound with unprecedented levels of quality. This, coupled with our newly developed convolution reverberation ensures that the organ speaks into a perfect acoustical situation – from an intimate room to an imposing cathedral!  Our unique sound systems even allow the organist to select a perfect environment for performance. This, all in conjunction with our multi-channel digital amplifiers and high quality speaker systems all contribute to guarantee an absolute optimum organ sound!

Ready for the future!
The Chapel 227 is truly an organ for the future! By using the latest digital technology available our specialists and designers have developed an organ which is energy efficient too! Play and listen to the Chapel 227 and experience its unique qualities for yourself – an organ developed by organists for organists!

  • 2 Manuals
  • 4x 27 stops
  • 4 unique organ styles
  • Internal or External audio possible
  • Churches or chapel about 300 people
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