Chapel 236
Chapel 236

With over 35 years of experience in designing, building and installation of organs in churches and concert halls around the world, Content designed the Chapel 236. A digital organ of sublime quality, suitable to accompany congregational and choir singing. With 2 manuals and a disposition of 36 stops, the Chapel 236 offers you more possibilities than a small pipe organ. Content offers you 4 unique sound worlds: Baroque, Classic, Romantic or Symphonic. Ideal for the church organist who like music from different style periods.

Our invention technology, developed in house at Content, provides an accurate and immersive organ sound with unprecedented levels of quality. This, coupled with our newly developed convolution reverberation ensures that the organ speaks into a perfect acoustical situation – from an intimate room to an imposing cathedral!  Our unique sound systems even allow the organist to select a perfect environment for performance. This, all in conjunction with our multi-channel digital amplifiers and high quality speaker systems all contribute to guarantee an absolute optimum organ sound!

  • 2 Manuals
  • 4 x 36 Stops
  • 4 Unique organ styles
  • 30 note parallel pedal board
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