Content in your church

Why a Content organ in your church is always a good choice... 

Every day passionate colleagues work on designing and building our organs, without giving up on that. We give you three reasons why choosing a church organ from Content is a choice for reliability and for the future.

Traditional craftsmanship
Content organs have been developed and built since 1980 for organists worldwide. In more than 60 countries, our organs are installed in more than thousand living rooms, hundreds of churches, music schools, conservatories and concert halls. From Western and Central Europe to the Far East, from Africa to Iceland, from Russia to the USA and Canada: everywhere amateur and professional organists play our organs they are satisfied with the distinctive sound and digital perfection of the organ building art of Content, which is based in knowledge and craftsmanship.

The cabinets of all Content organs are designed and made by a recognized and large cabinet-maker from The Netherlands. This guarantees Dutch reliability. Central to the design are traditional forms and solidity, combined with innovative design. Our organs are designed according to strict concepts and with an eye for aesthetic lines. By Content you are also at the right address for custom-built organ cabinets.

Content Organs have acquired a name in the international organ market that stands for quality and sustainability. We would like to keep this recognition high! This is the reason that our organization spends above average time and resources on extensive testing procedures with regard to sustainability and building quality. This concerns not only the checking of components during purchasing, but also extensive and long-term audio tests for technical reliability and functionality. Before an organ will be delivered, each individual organ undergoes at least three tests, including a 24-hour voltage test. All the procedures laid down in the test reports, so we are sure that each organ meets the strict standards, partly imposed on ourselves.

Every Content organ cabinet is made from real solid oak, which guarantees many years of playing pleasure. Durable and reliable!

Digital technology has revolutionized sound quality in electronic organs. A few years ago, Content developed their own research to develop an inventive technology that is extremely versatile. This Invention Technology® gives the organist himself the possibility to safe settings in the organ and to set volume, wind noise, contour, chorus and fluctuation per stop, according to personal preference. Then these values ​​can even be adjusted for individual wishes. The result is a personal tuned and an inspiring sound character. Flexible and efficient!