Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Hauptwerk™?
Hauptwerk™ is a software sampler used for the optimal rendering of virtual pipe organs. Hauptwerk™ records the sound of an existing pipe organ. These recordings are made per register and per combination, varying from very close (Dry) to far away in the church (Surround or Wet). A collection of these stop recordings is called a sampleset. With Hauptwerk™ you can play these sampleset(s) via your Content Cambiare organ. In this way you play famous church organs and imagine yourself in a large cathedral or atmospheric chapel, but you still are in your own living room!

 What do you need to play Hauptwerk™?
To play the Hauptwerk software, first of all, a powerful computer is required. The performance of this computer must be of a high level to optimally reproduce the sounds of pipe organs. In addition to a powerful computer, it is important to connect a good audio system for the right experience. Part of a good audio system is a high-quality sound card, amplification and (passive) speaker systems.
It is also important to play with a durable and solid organ furniture, which guarantees many years of playing pleasure. Finally, a touchscreen is important to access the Hauptwerk software in this way.

With its Cambiare series, Content Organs offers complete solutions in which all of the above elements are realized with the highest achievable quality. In this way you are guaranteed that a Hauptwerk organ from Content offers you years of reliability and playing pleasure!

 Is playing a Hauptwerk organ difficult?
Because Hauptwerk™ is a software package with many settings, settings and menus, it certainly requires expertise to deal with this computer software.
To make Hauptwerk™ playable for the widest possible group of organists, Content has developed its own 'Content User Interface'. With this User Interface, the most important functionalities are available in a clear layout. The complex settings in Hauptwerk™ will of course remain fully accessible, but only by means of a 'keycode'.
In this way, Content makes playing Hauptwerk organs accessible to every organist through the Cambiare series!

 What is the difference between a digital organ and a Hauptwerk organ?
Firstly: you can come to Content Orgels for any solution! Thanks to our many years of experience (since 1980), we have in-depth knowledge of church organs, audio systems, amplification and the optimal reproduction of sounds. Both solutions are therefore of high quality.
An important difference concerns the way in which the sound is generated. With a Hauptwerk organ, you play pre-recorded samples, which were made in the chosen church. In more recent samplesets these recordings have been recorded at various locations in the church, and in that way it is also possible to determine your position in the church. In this way you will hear the organ exactly as it can be heard in the chosen church room. In this way you bring a famous church to life in your living room!
With a digital organ, pre-recorded samples from various churches are combined into four different organ styles (North German Baroque, Dutch Classic, French Romantic and the English Symphonic sound world). Each organ style has its own sample library with so-called 'clean source samples', from which a selection is made when compiling the dispositions of a digital organ. These 'clean samples' are recordings that reproduce the pipe organ sound as pure as possible (i.e. without spatial effect).
Together an ensemble of samples is heard, representative of the organ style concerned. As an organist you are in control of how these samples are sounded in the church space. For example, you can position it in the church, add or remove reverberation, apply tunings, beats and many other options digitally to the existing source sample. In this way you can play an organ composed and adjusted entirely according to your own wishes in your living room!
It goes without saying that personal preference and taste play a strong role in the choice between a Hauptwerk or digital organ. You are always at the right place at Content Orgels for both solutions. We are happy to advise you!

 Can I also install Hauptwerk™ on my current digital organ?
Yes, that's possible! With one of our solutions, a common digital organ can be linked to a Content Hauptwerk-Box specially developed for this purpose. This makes it possible to (also) turn a digital organ into a Hauptwerk organ, with all the necessary parts and in the right composition. Hauptwerk is thus available for every budget class! Of course, this is an 'add-on' to an existing instrument, where the question of the correct tuning and sound reproduction is essential.

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