About our unique audio

The right audio configuration is the most important stop on our Hauptwerk solutions. 

The distinctive character of our audio systems is achieved by using only the absolute highest quality components available; Each of our audio systems uses fully matched and very high quality components that have been developed and built by hand.

Detailed sound
Many Hauptwerk organs that have been produced in the market in the past few years are beautiful on the outside but lack  core emphasis which is what the production of  a cohesive musical instrument is all about: a completely life-like experience of the majestic sounds of real pipe organs. With our audio systems you experience the total grandeur and majesty of the sound of the original organ, as optimally as possible. Hauptwerk is like a real pipe organ should sound! We can adjust the sample sets to suit your room (room correction) in order to achieve the optimal spatial representation. Even with sample sets with a lot of natural reverberation, you still experience each organ down to the smallest and most intricate audible detail.
Of course, however good an audio system can sound, it is ultimately about the experience of the player himself. Play and experience!