Hauptwerk and digital organs - the main differences -

Our approach to digital organs and organs with Hauptwerk software is totally different. CONTENT Organs is the only manufacturer in the market who can offer you both solutions. On this page we explain you the main differences.

With a digital organ, sounds of various organs from various style periods are recorded (sampled). These samples are then digitally processed into a soundscape that is as complete and realistic as possible. Any unevenness in the sound or additions or changes in specification can be easily accomodated; stops can also be changed or revoiced at a later date;  so your digital organ can be perfectly composed and optimised to your own preference.
With a Hauptwerk organ, things are different. Each pipe is recorded, pipe for pipe (with or without tremulant) and at several places in the room. These samples are immediately transferred to Hauptwerk and offered as a complete sampleset; a faithful recreation of a particular instrument including its acoustic.

With an Hauptwerk organ you are playing an instrument in the situation as it sounds in the church or space where the organ is located. Hauptwerk has everything to do with the faithful reproduction of the sound of a particular instrument, coupled with superb quality. There are no concessions or compromises made in a Hauptwerk organ. 
This difference in playing experience when compared to a digital organ does not mean that a Hauptwerk organ is superior;  indeed, we have to say that personal preferences and taste play the biggest rôle in arriving at your choice between a Hauptwerk organ or a digital organ.
So, for both kinds of organs,  Content Organs can provide you the perfect instrument. We are always happy to advise you on your choice!