Our Hauptwerk Expierence Center

Since November 2018 we have our own unique Hauptwerk Experience Center, where all different Hauptwerk Solutions are showed and playable! 

The Hauptwerk Experience Center is the only place in Europe where you can here all the different CONTENT Hauptwerk solutions together in one room. In the middle of the Center is placed our Cambiare 335, with an extended (8-channel) audiosystem with 3D-surround for having the best cathedral experience. An absolute amazing experience to have the great Müller-organ of the St. Bavochurch in Haarlem (The Netherlands) in 3D-sound. Do you more like to play French romantic or German Baroque organ music? All our Hauptwerk Cambiare organs have more than 12 samplesets of different instruments in full-version available.

A visit to Holland is worth of it! Make your appointment here and schedule your visit!