Cambiare Mondri 315

With the advent of streaming audio products in the home- and church organ world, of which Hauptwerk is the most famous application, starts a new era for organists. With a great degree of flexibility the (home) organist now have the authentic sound of a wide range of (historical) church organs available. Each organ with its own character, disposition and spatial sound experience. The Content Cambiare-series brings the authenticity and the grandeur of small and large church organs home and to life!

The Cambiare Mondri 315 is a model with an internal High Qualified audiosystem and well-designed Mondri cabinet. 

  • 3 Manuals
  • Touch sensitive keyboards
  • Ultimate sound experience by own soundprotocol
  • User friendly control
  • Easy switching between sample sets
  • Current design
  • Multifunctional audiosystem
  • Audio system modular expandable
  • New updates easy to implement in existing console
  • Ability support and installation new sample sets via internet connection

Optional accessories

Hauptwerk Cathedral cables 1
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