Kienle® Pipe-Resonator Systems

With the Kienle® Pipe Resonator System, the concept of creating real vibration in real pipes has finally come of age. Kienle has figured out not only how to create the air vibration, but also how to disperse it widely in the room, just like a real pipe organ. The effect is magnificent and surprising, and the further one stands from a Kienle® Pipe Resonator System, the more one is aware of being enveloped by completely convincing pipe organ sound.

Content is the only reseller of Kienle® Pipesystems worldwide. Come today in contact to see what the possibilities are for your church, concert hall or private home! In the Content Concert Hall in Ermelo (The Netherlands) is one of the most complete Kienle® Pipe-Resonatesystems available for playing!

Producten Kienle:

Kienle® Compact System

  • Available for music rooms, small churches or chapels (capacity around 200 people)
  • Stable aluminium
  • Sturdy aluminum housing on wheels
  • Optional light oak cabinet
  • Aluminium pipes
  • Build-in amplifier
  • Easy connectivity with LINE
  • Directly connectable to your Content organ


Kienle® Capella System

  • Available for churches or chapels (capacity around 300 people) and smaller concert halls
  • Massive oak cabinet
  • Aluminium pipes
  • Multi-channel audio system (4-channel)
  • Compact setup


Kienle® Element System

  • Available for churches or chapels (capacity around 500 people) and complete concert halls
  • High or low model version
  • Massive oak cabinet
  • Tin pipes and tubes of aluminum, polished
  • Different multi-channel versions possible (4 and 6-channel)


Kienle® Dock System

  • Optimal system for bigger churches, concert halls or private rooms
  • 3 Modules, build around the organ console
  • Massive oak cabinet (each color possible)
  • Tin pipes and visible aluminum tubes, polished
    8-channel audio system
  • Custom-made cabinet possible