France - Eglise Saint-André Andlau

Mondri 354 Custom + Kienle Pipe Resonance Systems. 

In the beautiful hills of the charming French Alsace, Content Organs had delivered and installed the Mondri 354 (custom cabinet) with two Kienle Pipe Resonance Systems. Content also build the custom-made wooden platform. 
One of the wishes of the mayor of the region was to have a wireless connection between the Mondri 354 above and a small custom-organ downstairs. We have realise this with a Wireless connection between both organs. Invention Technology!  
From nowadays they can play two CONTENT-organs used with the same audio and Pipe-systems. 






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Refined craftsmanship

Real-life sounds combined with innovative technology and traditional Dutch craftsmanship give our digital organs from our Home collection a reliable and guaranteed quality standard. Our quality of organbuilding guarantees many years of joy and music experience for a wide range of organ music. Whether you want to play organ works from the great composers or traditional English Hymns; Content Organs have a digital organ for all kind of music. Experience the craftsmanship and quality yourself by playing a Content Organ! To our worldwide dealernetwork »

Detail Mondri 354-1