Speaker solutions

The right audio configuration is the most important stop!
Your church building is unique in terms of dimensions and interior. In addition to a well-balanced disposition of Content church organs, the experience and quality of the sound is also very important. The right audio is perhaps the most important "stop" for your new church organ!

Content therefore developed (in-house) multiple sound systems. These are called the Content Sound Systems (CSS). With this own "high-end" audio systems, Content provides you sound solutions that offer sufficient capacity for accompanying congregational singing, choir singing or liturgical accompaniment. For each of the organs from our Invention Technology® we have developed CSS systems. Click for watching some installations »

Chapel 236 6100 speakersystem

With the own advanced audio systems, Content had chosen for an approach with multiple speakers and separate (separate) channels, creating a wide and convincing sound character. The reverberation, also in-house developed, helps ensure that church members (with a CSS audio system) are surrounded by an impressive sound reproduction. 


All CSS systems can be delivered in split speaker systems. This means that from 2 large systems, several small systems can be made. Of course this depends on the space in your (church) room. With our flexibility we can always advise you about customized solutions. Make an appointment for your own solution »

Chapel 236 left 6100 RCF