Pro collection

Pro collection

The choice of professional organists

Innovative; the in-house developed Invention Technology allows this sounds adequate and quality on an unprecedented level. The newly developed convolution reverb allows at any time for the optimal spatial experience: from intimate domestic to an imposing Cathedral. As the first manufacturer Content Organs also allows you can move virtual in the space. A breakthrough! Finally, high-quality digital amplifiers, speaker system and an integrated 3D surround system guarantee an optimal reproduction of the sound.

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Cantate 246
Cantate 346
Cantate 354
Classic 231
Classic 341
Mondri 354
Concerto 476
  • 4 Velocity sensitive manuals
  • 4 x 76 Stops
  • 4 Unique organ styles
  • 10 x 22 General Presets (x 4)
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Concerto 576
  • 5 Velocity sensitive manuals
  • 4 x 76 Register
  • 4 Unique organ styles
  • 10 x 45 General Presets (x 4)
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A next step…

Our Pro Collection organs take our Invention Technology to new limits. These toprange of our digital organs use an extensive multi-channel amplifier and speaker system with even more life-like sound reproduction and multiple registers.
Our Pro Collection organs will take you playing experience to a new level, experiencing a digital organ as a real pipe organ. That is what Content Organs strive to achieve every day.
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