Speaker solutions for your Church Organ

Your church building is unique in terms of dimensions and interior. In addition to a balanced disposition of the church organ, the experience and quality of the sound is also very important. The right audio is perhaps the most important 'register' of your new church organ!

CSS systems

  • Flexible setups
  • High-quality sound reproduction
  • In-house developed intonation software

Content developed (in-house) digital speaker systems. These are called the Content Sound Systems (CSS). With its own “high-end” speaker systems, Content provides the right solutions with which every Chapel organ is optimally equipped for accompanying congregational or choral singing and offering liturgical support. A suitable speaker system has been put together for every organ from our Chapel series.

View a church organ equipped with Content Speaker Systems here.

Consoli Pipe Systems (Hybrid)

  • Innovative wind-driven pipe systems
  • Combine digital voices with pipes
  • Temperature sensor and software

By applying Consoli Pipe Systems it is possible to combine the advantages of a digital organ with the sounds of a pipe organ. In this way a hybrid solution is created, in which pipework complements the digital voices. With software and sensors developed in-house, the pipework always aligns with the digital voices.

Kienle Pipe Resonator Systems

  • A real digital pipe organ
  • True-to-life sound reproduction
  • Can be put together according to your own wishes

These solutions The German organ builder Ewald Kienle (1928) found the solution for the combination of digital organ sounds with the resonance of an organ pipe, which had been desired for many years. By using advanced loudspeakers, where each loudspeaker finds 'amplification' in a real organ pipe, true-to-life organ pipe sounds are produced.

With this modern, patented technology, the process of noise development in the pipes can be controlled very accurately and reliably. The organ pipe sound system is therefore the optimal solution for desired high sound requirements, but also under difficult temperature conditions.

Read more about the Concerto Jubileo 40, equipped with this Kienle system, here!

​​​​​​​Watch our installations here!

On this page you have been able to read which audio systems would be suitable for your church organ. Many other churches and institutions preceded you and bought a church organ from Content Orgels. View a small selection of these installations on this page! Our Ambassadors »

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