Kienle® Pipe Systems

A digital pipe organ, only at Content Organs!

On this page you will find more information about the Kienle® Pipe Systems from Content Orgels. These unique systems make it possible to play a digital pipe organ. On this page we explain everything about this unique audio solution.

Content Studio | Explanation about Content and Kienle® Pipe Systems

Watch this video from our 'Content Studio' YouTube series about the Kienle® Pipe Systems. In this video we explain more about the unique collaboration between Content Organs and Kienle® Pipe Systems.  Click here to watch the video! »

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How does a pipe organ work?

A pipe organ consists many pipes. These pipes each have their own sound, usually imitating a musical instrument, such as a trumpet, flute or oboe. There are also voices that you will only find on an organ, such as the principals and the octaves. By pulling out stops, the organist can choose which organ pipes to use.

When the organist presses a key after pulling out a stop, a mechanism ensures that air flows from the wind supply into one or more pipes. Depending on the size, shape and material of the pipes, a wide variety of sounds can be produced. Principals give a sounding tone, while flutes sound more sweet. The mixtures (small, short pipes) sound high and clear, while a 16' trumpet sounds low and dark, because this register consists of long, wide pipes.

So, what makes the sound unique is the way the sound resonates in the pipes, which are all different lengths, making the note sound higher or lower. This principle is also used in our Kienle® pipe systems. Watch our Kienle®-Pipe Systems here! »

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What are Kienle® Pipe Systems?

Pipe resonator systems for churches, concert halls and living rooms with unparalleled sound reproduction!

The German organ builder Ewald Kienle (1928) found the solution for the combination of digital organ sounds with the resonance of an organ pipe, which had been desired for many years. Through the application of advanced loudspeakers, where each loudspeaker finds 'amplification' in a real organ pipe, true-to-life organ pipe sounds are produced.

With this modern, patented technology, the process of noise development in the pipes can be controlled very accurately and reliably. The organ pipe sound system is therefore the optimum solution for the desired high sound requirements, but also under difficult temperature conditions.

Content Orgels is the only supplier of these pipe resonator systems worldwide.

Listen to the unique possibilities of an extensive Kienle® Pipe sound system in our concert hall in Ermelo. Many organists and organ building committees preceded you! 
  Watch our Kienle® Pipe Systems here! »


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