Where to use Kienle® Pipe Systems?

Kienle® Pipe Systems can be used in many places.

On this page you will find more information about where you can use the Kienle® Pipe Systems from Content Orgels. Whether it concerns a large church organ, a small chamber organ, a concert organ, or an organ for your living room; all these organs can be equipped with the different Kienle® Pipe Systems.

In your church

Kienle® Pipe Systems are ideally suited as an audio system for your church. Due to the resonance in the pipe, the digital organ sounds like a real pipe organ. In larger setups, the works can be divided in such a way that the Swell sounds from above the organ case, while the registers of the Choir have much more direct sound.

In addition, a large pipe organ can be difficult to realize both in terms of space and budget. A Kienle® Pipe System, on the other hand, can be placed for a much lower budget and in a much more compact arrangement. In short, with a Content church organ, equipped with a Kienle® Pipe System, you can play a digital pipe organ in your church! Watch a Church Installation here, with a Kienle® Pipe System! »

Chapel 340 - Kienle

In uw concertzaal

The possibilities with Kienle are also endless for your concert hall. Do you want a smaller system, which is also mobile? The Compact systems are then an excellent solution. But we can also provide concert halls with space for a large set-up with a Kienle® Pipe System, such as this hall in Georgia. Here, a three-manual Content organ has been placed in the niche in the wall, which is then connected to a series of connected Kienle® pipe systems, which are mounted on the wall.

A digital organ in your concert hall is also optimal in terms of playing together and broadcasting via a live stream. The digital technology allows your digital pipe organ to be perfectly matched to other instrumentalists. There is also a concert organ with Kienle® Pipe Systems in our own concert hall in Ermelo, click on the link below for more information! Watch our concert organ here, with a Kienle® Pipe System! »

Concerto Jubileo 40 - Kienle

In your living room

A pipe organ in the living room is not feasible for many people because of the space. Would you like an organ that sounds like a pipe organ? Then a Content organ, equipped with a Kienle® Pipe System, is the perfect solution for you. The Kienle® Pipe Systems can be built on top of your organ (see below), but they can also be placed next to the organ in compact arrangements, possibly even mobile. You now hear the flutes rustling through the pipes, and you hear the characteristic attack on the reeds, such as the Dulcian and the Vox Humana. In short, an organ that sounds like a pipe organ, but does not take the space of a pipe organ, is now within your reach! Watch a living room organ with a Kienle® pipe system here! »

Mondri 236 - Kienle

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