Why should you purchase a Content Hauptwerk organ? 


   Years of experience in organ building
The foundation for Content Organs was laid in 1980 by our CEO Bert Foppen and from the very beginning, our attention has always been totally focused on product development and the use of high-quality materials. This approach was soon noticed and in 1987 we were awarded with the prestigious French award 'Diapason d'Or'. From there, our steady growth formed the basis for a new milestone at the end of 2008: the opening of our new and modern organ factory at the Business Park in Ermelo in the Netherlands. Our strong brand name 'Content Organs’ has now grown into a world-wide trademark during these years, due to our uncompromising stand in the high quality of our instruments, our fast global after-sales and service, and our innovation and flexibility.


   Solid cabinets and smart producing
Apart from the Hauptwerk ultimate sound experience, Content Organs has almost forty years of experience as a builder of digital organs. This means that we have a considerable advantage in the market with regard to our ongoing quality improvement. A streamlined production process in our modern organ factory ensures that our quoted delivery times are always adhered to. All our Hauptwerk organ cabinets are made of solid oak and are built by our specialised cabinet builders who have been active in their field for more than 30 years. Quality and sustainability are of paramount importance to us and our modern sleek cabinet-work gives all of our organs a solid and contemporary look which will last for years to come.

   Unique and self developed audio-protocol
In addition to the design of the console and the hardware used for a Hauptwerk organ, it is the quality of the final sound that is the deciding factor in distinguishing our organs in the market-place. Of course, the carefully balanced digitally produced audio is a first step but this has to be coupled with the very best quality samples that together form a sampleset and then creating a perfect marriage with the two. Content Organs is convinced that only the very best high-end audio systems are capable of  fully realising the ultra high quality of the Hauptwerk sampled organs to their best, and so for our Hauptwerk organs, we have developed our own unique audio systems. 


   Watch this video for more information about our Cambiare Series:

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Unique sound experience

The rise of Hauptwerk emerged a new horizon for organists. The sounds of famous pipe organs from all around the world are with the Hauptwerk software accessible to a wide audience. Content Organs makes playing these organs possible with an unique combination of HQ audio systems and the original Hauptwerk software. Our own Content User Interface makes playing Hauptwerk organs simple, because the player doesn't have to use the complex Hauptwerk software itself. You can experience this unique Hauptwerk-feeling only by yourself! Make an appointment »

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