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Audiosystems for your church organ

Your church building is unique in terms of dimensions and interior. In addition to a well-balanced disposition of the church organ, the experience and quality of sound are also crucial. The right audio is perhaps the most important 'stop' of your new church organ! At Content Organs, we offer three options: Content Speaker Systems (CSS), a 'digital pipe organ' (Kienle), and hybrid organs (in collaboration with Consoli Pipe Organs), among others. Read more about these options below.

In-house developed audio systems

Content Speaker Systems (CSS)

  • Flexible configurations
  • High-quality sound reproduction
  • In-house developed intonation software

Content has developed (in-house) digital speaker systems. These are called Content Sound Systems (CSS). With these proprietary "high-end" speaker systems, Content provides the right solutions to ensure that each Chapel organ is optimally equipped for accompanying congregational singing or choir music and providing liturgical support. A suitable speaker system has been assembled for each organ in our Chapel series.

The sound of a pipe organ, digitally generated

A digital pipe organ

  • A true digital pipe organ
  • Authentic sound reproduction
  • Fully customizable to your preferences

German organ builder Ewald Kienle (1928) discovered the solution to the long-awaited combination of digital organ sounds with the resonance of an organ pipe. By using advanced speakers, where each speaker benefits from the amplification provided by a real organ pipe, authentic organ pipe sounds are faithfully reproduced.

With this modern, patented technology, the process of sound development in the pipes can be controlled with great precision and reliability. The organ pipe sound system is, therefore, the optimal solution for meeting high sound requirements, even under challenging temperature conditions. This way, you can play a 'digital pipe organ' in your church!

The best of both worlds

Hybride organs

  • Innovative wind-driven pipe systems
  • Combine digital voices with pipes
  • Temperature sensor and software

By implementing Consoli Pipe Systems, it is possible to combine the advantages of a digital organ with the sounds of a pipe organ. This creates a hybrid solution where pipe work complements the digital voices. With in-house developed software and sensors, the pipe work always synchronizes with the digital voices. Additionally, it is also possible to expand an existing pipe organ with a digital console and extra registers. This way, you merge the best of both worlds, resulting in a church organ with extensive capabilities!

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