Cambiare 335+

The Cambiare 335+ incorporates the well-known Mondri style from Content Organs. These console models have been among the best-selling console organ furniture for over ten years. Due to the width of the Cambiare 335+, there is the option to add wooden or mechanically movable drawknobs. These drawknobs can be linked to multiple sample sets. This model also features an extensive internal audio system with built-in surround dispersion. Additionally, it is possible to expand this model with more internal speakers. The Cambiare 335+ comes standard without the Content User Interface (as with the Cambiare 315 and others), providing direct access to the Hauptwerk™ software or other VPO samplers via one or (optionally) two touchscreens on a sliding drawer system. This allows you to easily modify settings for various sample sets, with all chosen sample sets being fully calibrated upon installation. The Cambiare 335+ is available in any desired color on oak, including various options.

This organ is available in all color variations!

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Optimal organ experience

Wooden drawknobs

The use of wooden or mechanically movable drawknobs adds an extra dimension to playing the organ. With a sliding drawer system for the touchscreens, the organ becomes a traditional console, eliminating visible touchscreens. The drawknobs can be linked to any desired stop in Hauptwerk™ or Swellink. There is also the option to display multiple sample sets using magnetic stop fields. The wooden drawknobs come standard with an integrated LED indicator to show which stops are activated when using combination pistons.

Hundreds of different organs available.

Sample sets

Content offers a comprehensive range of VPO organs with a wide variety of models through the Cambiare organ collection. Currently, VPO samplers Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq are utilized. Both systems provide access to a collection of hundreds of organs from around the world. Convince yourself of the possibilities that playing VPO organs can offer, and schedule an appointment with one of our dealers or visit our Hauptwerk Experience Center at our organ workshop in Ermelo.

The most important stop is quality

Sound experience

A distinctive element of Content's organs is our unique perspective on audio and sound quality. Thanks to multi-channel audio setups, including 3D surround, playing the organ on one of Content's Cambiare models is a unique experience. The sound is unparalleled, thanks to in-house developed audio protocols and sound systems. We invite you to get acquainted with our Cambiare collection at one of our dealers or (by appointment) at the Hauptwerk Experience Center in Ermelo (NL).

Organ model Componist Music piece Organist Duration
Cambiare 335+ J. Brahms Hungarian Dance Gert van Hoef 02:16
Cambiare 335+ Th. Dubois Marche Sortie Gert van Hoef 03:08
Cambiare 335+ J.S. Bach Trio Sonata No. 6 Michael Verniers 03:56
Cambiare 335+


  • 3 manuals (keyboards)
  • Wooden drawknobs
  • Comes with 1 touchscreen as standard, optional second touchscreen available
  • Ultimate sound experience through proprietary audio protocol
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy switching between different sample sets
  • Classic and stylish furniture made of solid oak
  • Multi-channel audio system (3D Surround)