Cambiare organs

Cambiare 315

The Cambiare 315 brings to life the authenticity and grandeur of small and large church organs. A completely new era has dawned for organists! You can easily play the organ of your favorite church at home using a sampler like Hauptwerk or Sweelinq. Whatever choice you make from the hundreds of different church organs, the Cambiare has it all!

This organ is available in all color variations!

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Ultimate sound experience through thoughtful audio setup

Stylish and efficent design

The modern and stylishly designed cabinet gives the organ the place it deserves. Of course, the organ cabinet can be enhanced by adding a beautiful cornice. The speaker setup in this cabinet provides a spacious sound reproduction. As an organ player, you are in the midst of the space, with the sound coming from both the front and the top of the cabinet. This organ is also equipped with internal surround, which can be arranged in various ways.

Cambiare 315-8 (console high-zwart -1-)
User friendly operation, all functions at your fingertips

Content User Interface

The use of the Content User Interface allows the user to easily switch between sample sets and presents the disposition of different organs in a uniform manner. This also applies to the choice of temperaments and various memory banks for presets. Additionally, our Content User Interface offers various Hauptwerk options (such as recording your own organ music). All these functions can be accessed by switching from the disposition to the settings screen. After adjusting settings, starting a recording, or selecting the sample set, you can easily return to the disposition.

Play famous pipe organs!

Virtual Pipe Organs

Content Organs has had its own vision on sound reproduction, build quality, and service for decades. This is reflected in a wide variety of offerings, both with digital and virtual organs. When playing Virtual Pipe Organs (VPO), collaboration takes place with various providers of samplers and sample sets, such as Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq. With these, you can virtually play famous or less known pipe organs in your living room. The list of organs for virtual organ play is growing rapidly, especially because the Dutch sampler Sweelinq makes them available to a broad audience. With the Content Cambiare collection, you play these organs in your living room!

Organ model Componist Music piece Organist Duration
Cambiare 315 K.J. Mulder Wees mijn Leidsman Gerwin Boswijk 04:16
Cambiare 315 J. Zwart Voorspel en koraal | Psalm 68 Gerwin van der Plaats 05:33
Cambiare 315 J.S. Bach Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder Gerwin Boswijk 05:13
Cambiare 315


  • 3 manuals
  • 2 touchscreens
  • Ultimate sound experience through proprietary audio protocol
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy switching between different sample sets
  • Contemporary designed cabinet
  • Multifunctional audio system
  • Stylish tall cabinet made of solid wood