Clavis 125

Grand and yet compact. The Clavis 125 is our "Benjamin" in the digital organ collection. A room organ that fits into any living space with a realistic church organ sound thanks to our in-house developed Invention Technology. Compact in size but rich in sound possibilities, with the availability of no less than three sound styles, each with 24 registers.

The Clavis 125 has 3 fixed sound styles: upon purchase of the organ, you can choose from Baroque, Classic, Romantic, or Symphonic.

This organ is available in all color variations!

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Play a two-manual organ with pedal

Unique capabilities

Each organ features 24 registers, with 15 available across the entire keyboard. Additionally, there are 5 registers for accompaniment and 4 registers for the pedal, playable via the MonoBas. This way, the Clavis 125 offers you the capabilities of a full-fledged two-manual organ. Flexible in possibilities, easily adaptable to any interior, and available in the color of your choice. Play, experience, and listen to the Clavis, and convince yourself of the qualities and added value of a Content organ.

Clavis 125 - CBM242 - detail 1 (1)
Extensive options in a small cabinet

Grand in sound

Our Invention Technology ensures a refined and realistic organ sound. New samples in higher resolution provide detailing and guarantee a dynamic and lively instrument that continues to inspire. The organ comes standard with 10 unique orchestral ExtraVoice voices and the option to choose from eight reverb programs. High-quality speakers and a Personal Control Center (PCC) ensure optimal sound, adjustable to your taste. The Clavis 125 is compact in design and grand in sound.

Suitable for all organ music

Three organ styles

The organ features three organ styles that allow for the performance of all organ literature. Music by composers like Bach is ideally rendered with samples from the North German Baroque style. With the press of a button, you can switch to French Romanticism, suitable for music by composers such as Widor, Guilmant, or Franck. Naturally, a Dutch organ is also included. This disposition is designed for performing music from the full range of the Dutch chorale art.

Clavis 125


  • 1 manual (keyboard)
  • 3x24 registers
  • 3 unique sound styles
  • 13- or 27-note pedal (optional)
  • 10 ExtraVoice voices
Stop list