Cambiare organs

Cambiare Suite III

With the Content Cambiare Suite III, playing church organs in the living room becomes possible for every organist. The combination of advanced developments from Content's organ factory and the diverse collection of sample sets via the Sweelinq sampler results in a new and high-quality model in the Cambiare collection. Affordability and class go hand in hand with the Cambiare Suite III. The Cambiare Suite is also available in a version with two keyboards, the Cambiare Suite II.

This organ is available in all color variations!

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Durability, elegance, and quality

Cabinet and audio

The high-quality multi-channel audio system is fully integrated into the organ cabinet, eliminating the need to connect external speakers in the living room. The organ cabinet, entirely in an oak wood finish, is available in an extensive collection of stain, oil, or paint colors to seamlessly complement your interior. The Cambiare Suite offers the perfect combination of durability, elegance, and quality.

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Cabinet of real oak, in every color available

A high-end organ cabinet

Our organ cabinets are meticulously crafted, and this is also the case with the Cambiare Suite. We opted for a compact cabinet, where operability and design are optimally balanced. Our cabinetmakers work diligently every day in selecting high-quality oak wood. Thanks to the use of sustainable oak wood, Content's organ cabinets guarantee robustness and long-lasting enjoyment. Naturally, the organ is available in various finishes, including dozens of stain or oil colors or a matching paint. This collection ensures that the organ seamlessly blends with the existing colors of furniture or details in your living room.

Innovations ensure high-quality sound.

Distinctive audio

The most crucial element of an organ is the quality of sound reproduction. In this regard, Content has built a distinctive reputation in recent years, particularly concerning the optimal balance between value and quality. From the smallest organ to the most extensive installation, a dispersion of sound through multiple channels with an innovative distribution of amplifiers and speakers is always employed. These innovations are also incorporated into the Cambiare Suite, allowing organists to benefit from one of the most successful innovations in the (digital) organ world.

Cambiare Suite III


  • 3 keyboards
  • Standard with two touchscreens
  • Ultimate sound experience through high-end audio protocol
  • Multifunctional audio system
  • Infinitely adjustable reverb
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy switching between different sample sets
  • Contemporary designed furniture
  • Stylish cabinet made of (solid) oak wood