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For many organists, it's a boyhood dream: playing famous pipe organs at home! Since the introduction of Hauptwerk™, this dream has come a step closer. Play Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq organs yourself in our Experience Center in Ermelo on the Veluwe. Here, we'll explain what you can expect from our Experience Center.

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Our Experience Center

In Ermelo, in addition to various standard Cambiare organs, you will also find an organ in an extensive (extended) configuration. This applies to both the exterior (various options and possibilities), the interior (high-capacity PC, high-quality components), and the audio (multi-channel audio with advanced front/rear setup). The Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq organs in our Experience Center are set up and ready to play in various configurations.

The Experience Center offers the opportunity to play the organs in peace or to ask questions to product specialists who provide small demonstrations on any desired organ and organ style. Experience the unmatched sounds of famous pipe organs, now closer than ever!

Sounds and experience

At Content, we understand that listening to an organ is all about experiencing the tonal colors in a specific space. Content Organs firmly believes that only the very best high-end audio systems are capable of faithfully reproducing the sampled organ sounds. To achieve this, we have developed our proprietary audio protocol. The distinctiveness of our audio solutions is attributed to the use of fully matched and highly premium components developed by specialists.

An advanced audio configuration allows you not only to experience sound in two dimensions but even in a 3D surround setup. This means you will perceive the organ sounds not just from the front and/or rear but in an additional dimension that enhances the spatial representation of the (church) space. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the grandeur and majesty of the organ sounds. Your Cambiare will then sound as a real pipe organ should.

Samplesets can be finely tuned in your space (Room Correction) to achieve the optimal spatial representation. Even with samplesets featuring extensive natural reverberation, you will hear every detail of the organ. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the ambiance and atmosphere of the church space of your choice. Play and experience!

Fulfillment of your desires

We have the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to bring your dream organ to life as well. We would like to hear your preferences and offer advice on the choices to be made on the path to realizing your dream. Please get in touch with one of our advisors or feel free to visit our Experience Center in Ermelo. At your leisure (with a delicious cup of coffee or fresh tea), we will discuss your desires and our possibilities, allowing you to enjoy the Cambiare organs equipped with both Hauptwerk and Sweelinq.

Our page featuring Content Ambassadors offers a modest glimpse into what we have accomplished in recent years. We are more than happy to be of assistance to you as well!

Content Ambassadeurs

Schedule an appointment!

You are welcome to come and hear the sounds of Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq for a half-day, by appointment. Our advisors are delighted to assist you in exploring the various possibilities. Of course, a visit to Ermelo is without obligation; we simply enjoy sharing our passion for organ sounds with you. It's all about a delightful experience!

An appointment in Ermelo can be easily combined with an excursion to the stunning Veluwe region, which boasts its own unique beauty throughout the seasons. Our organ workshop is conveniently located near the forest, sand dunes, and heathland, and there are various tourist attractions in the area.

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