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About Content Organs

Content Orgels stands as a leading digital organ manufacturer, with a rich history in crafting digital organs, church organs, and Hauptwerk organs in the heart of Veluwe. Our instruments are distinguished by their unique and immersive tonal experiences. Content (Hauptwerk) organs are renowned for their high-fidelity reproduction of authentic pipe organs. With Content Hauptwerk, iconic church organs become readily accessible to both professional organists and enthusiasts, whether they are seasoned musicians or devoted amateurs.

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About Content Organs

Content Orgels is a leading Dutch organ builder. For over 40 years, our organs have been crafted with respect for the longstanding organ tradition. Authentic sounds combined with innovations and Dutch craftsmanship set a high standard of quality for our instruments, ensuring many years of enjoyment. At Content, customer focus, professionalism, and innovation are central to our approach.

From Western Europe to the Far East: hundreds of organs find their way to diverse locations and into the hands of both amateur and professional organists each year. They choose our organs for various reasons, including the high-quality appearance of the organ furniture. Here, carefully selected wood types and stylish casing are combined with traditional craftsmanship from our organ factory. In addition, there is broad appreciation for the instruments' excellent price-to-quality ratio and our ongoing quest for innovations. For more information, explore our diverse range of digital, Hauptwerk, and church organs, or visit your dealer for a sound demonstration and unbiased advice.

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