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On this page, we address the following questions about Hauptwerk™:

1. What is Hauptwerk™ exactly?
2. What do you need to play Hauptwerk™?
3. What is the difference between a digital organ and a Hauptwerk™ organ?
4. Why should I buy a Content Hauptwerk™ organ?

Playing world-famous pipe organs yourself

Hauptwerk™ brings pipe organs to life!

Hauptwerk, also known as Hauptwerk™, is a software solution that enables you to bring the sound of world-famous pipe organs into your home. These organ sounds are meticulously recorded pipe by pipe, stop by stop, and in various combinations. Additionally, the recordings capture variations in microphone placement, ranging from up close (Dry), to a mid-position (Diffuse), and all the way to a distant position within the church space (Surround or Wet). This meticulous process ensures the most accurate and lifelike digital representation of a pipe organ.

Once the recordings are made, they are compiled into a sample set. A sample set is essentially a collection of recordings (samples) from a specific organ. Each sample set has an extension that allows these sounds to be played through the Hauptwerk software package. The recording process mentioned above requires a significant amount of time and effort, but thanks to this investment, organists worldwide can now play famous and lesser-known pipe organs in the comfort of their own homes.

With the Content Cambiare series, Content makes it possible to experience Hauptwerk™. These organs provide an optimal sound experience, easy operation, and reliable quality.

Essential elements to fully experience the Hauptwerk™ sample sets!

What is required to play Hauptwerk™.

1. First and foremost, a powerful computer is required.

A Hauptwerk sample set consists of a combination of numerous recordings, captured pipe by pipe, stop by stop, and from various positions within the space. As you activate a stop and press a key, many actions are transmitted simultaneously. This naturally increases when playing with multiple stops or in multiple voices. Only a powerful computer can handle this 'communication' smoothly and without interruptions. At Content Organs, we exclusively work with the most powerful (Octa-Core) computers, and our colleagues stay continually informed about the latest developments in the field of computing.

2. A reliable, durable, and solid organ console is essential for years of playing enjoyment.

In addition to the software, a sample set, and a powerful computer, an organ console is naturally required. This can range from a simple 'console' setup to an exquisitely designed organ. The desired setup and configuration depend entirely on your personal preferences. What matters is that the components used in building your organ are of high quality. The selection of manuals and their 'touch,' the adjustment of the pedalboard, the use of woodwork for the organ console, and other critical elements.

A Hauptwerk organ console can serve as the foundation for your playing enjoyment for over 25 years, even after updating sample sets or the computer. Content Organs collaborates with reliable partners in the assembly of our organ consoles. All organ consoles are assembled and built by a Dutch furniture maker. Furthermore, we construct our organs according to standard BDO or AGO norms. Dependable and reliable!

3. Control of your Hauptwerk organ via touchscreen or drawknobs.

In addition to selecting the right software, computer, and organ console, it's also essential to consider the most suitable control method. After all, the Hauptwerk software on the computer needs to be operated. This can be done using large touchscreens, physical stop knobs, or a combination of both. When selecting touchscreens, it's crucial that they have very high sensitivity since you want to be able to register on or off quickly even in the heat of your organ play.

Content Organs uses high-quality touchscreens, which are also used in the automotive industry. Safety takes precedence there, requiring a very high sensitivity rate. In addition to using these touchscreens, Content Organs simplifies the control of the Hauptwerk software by implementing our own 'Content User Interface.' This way, you don't directly operate the complex software, but easily navigate through an organized layout. Very convenient!

4. Last but not least: for the right sound experience, a good audio system is invaluable.

In experiencing a pipe organ (sample set), the quality of reproduction is, of course, essential. It's a shame to invest in a sample set that can't be reproduced properly. A good audio system includes the correct adjustment of amplification, a high-quality sound card, and high-quality (passive) speakers, among other factors.

Content Organs also employs its own audio protocol, where the translation of digital recordings (software) into analog audible sounds is achieved without any loss of quality. This means that we apply rigorous selection to the choice of audio materials, and we develop as much as possible in-house. For instance, Content applies its own amplifiers in its Hauptwerk Cambiare organs, combined with an innovatively designed passive HQ audio system. Only the best is good enough.

Content Organs offers high-quality Hauptwerk organs for every budget range!

With its Cambiare series, Content offers complete solutions in which all the above elements are realized with the highest possible quality, and an attractive price-quality ratio. This way, you are guaranteed that a Content Hauptwerk organ will provide you with years of reliability and playing enjoyment!

Various differences and similarities

Digital organ or a Hauptwerk organ?

First and foremost, at Content, you can turn to both types of organs!
With our extensive experience (since 1980), we possess profound knowledge of church organs, audio systems, amplification, and optimal sound reproduction. Both solutions are of high quality.

An important difference concerns the way the sound is produced. With a Hauptwerk organ, you play pre-recorded samples made in the respective church. In more recent sample sets, these recordings have been made in various locations within the church, allowing you to determine the playback position yourself. This way, you hear the organ exactly as it should sound in the chosen church space. This is how you bring a famous church to life in your living room. Listen to our samples for an impression!

With a digital organ, pre-recorded samples from various churches are combined to create four different organ styles (North German Baroque, Dutch Romantic, French Romantic, and the English Symphonic sound world). Each organ style has its own sample library of so-called 'clean source samples,' from which a selection is made when composing the dispositions of a digital organ. These 'clean samples' are recordings that reproduce the pipe organ sound as purely as possible (without spatial effects).

Together, an ensemble of samples, representative of the respective organ style, sounds. As an organist, you have control over how these samples sound in the church space. For example, you can determine the position in the church, add or remove reverb, apply tunings, tremolos, and many other digital options to the existing source sample. This way, you play a completely customized and fine-tuned organ in your living room according to your preferences!

It goes without saying that personal preference and taste play a strong role in the choice between a Hauptwerk or digital organ. For both solutions, Content Organs is always the right address. We are happy to advise you!

Experience, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Why choose a Content Hauptwerk organ?

1. With over 40 years of experience in designing and building digital organs, we have a team of specialists with expertise in church organs, audio systems, amplification, and optimal sound reproduction.

2. A reliable organization, with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, including the composition of an organ console.

3. Easy to operate and play, with prompt support available through a dealer or directly from the organ factory.

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