About us

Holland has a long history in building organs, dating back as early as the fifteenth century. Six centuries later we still find a thriving organ culture in The Netherlands both in physical development and organ manufacturing as well as performances in the cultural and musical sense. This abundant culture is the very heritage, dedication and foundation of Content Organs. Now Content Organs is a strong and active player in the international organ market. Our organs are based on our company philosophy to produce reliable organs with a natural sound . 

In 2020 the family-owned company will celebrate their 40 years anniversary! 

History with a golden sign!

Content Organs was established in 1980 by our present director Mr. Bert Foppen. As from the very start the main issues were product development, the use of quality material and a careful, excellent workmanship. This approach proved to be very effective as Content received the prestigious ‘Diapason d’Or’ during a Trade Fair in Paris, France in the last years of the 20th century. Continued success required a move to new premises in the local industrial area of ‘Kerkdennen’  in Ermelo. Make an appointment for a factory tour »


At the end of the eighties of the last century, the tone generation system changed from an analog to a digital sound source. This allowed a major increase in features and consequently an expansion in the selection of models available. The application of this revolutionary technology and a creative, inventive approach initiated a new series of organs, like the Mondri Classic that appeared in the market in 2006. This instrument applies a state of the art self developed micro chip and top of the line samples. Become a member of the Content Family as dealer »


The developments where going on after the release of the Mondri Classic Series. That results in (again) a breakthrough: The Invention Technology! This technology - available from 2012 - offers both organists and audience an unique sound expierence. With four different organ styles the organist have the possibility to play all different organ music, from early Baroque to late modern music. With the Virtual Player Position the organist have the possibility to move to different positions in the virtual churchroom.  Have a look at our current organ collection »

Option: Footpistons

Parallel to the increasing activities, the renowned quality leading to the steady growth in units sold, required a new milestone in the history of the company: an all new factory, entirely developed exclusively for the development and production of digital classical organs. The new and modern plant, meeting up to date requirements was put into operation at the end of 2008 in the newly developed Ermelo industrial area ‘Veldzicht’. Content Organs in this way is prepared and secured for future expansion, worldwide! Have a look at Content installations worldwide »


We offer churches, institutions, conservatories, music schools and end users a wide choice in styles and features. We are professionally dedicated to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. Content are always looking for unique solutions, searching innovative and creative responses to questions in the market. A careful manufacturing process, multiple check and testing procedures have created a solid base for the technical reliability of our instruments, offering an excellent price and quality relation.  Have look at our church solutions »


Our vision 
Music is the language of the soul, a universal language that brings down borders and language barriers, building bridges between people of different backgrounds and cultures. Music makes all the difference both when enjoyed in an active or a passive way, adding new dimensions to the life of every day. Active music performing is a means to express feelings and is highly appreciated to control and direct personal emotions. Music has been a rich source of inspiration throughout the ages and adds a dramatic, enriching contribution to this very day. 

Organ building has to do with passion, craftmanship and ambition. Today our colleagues are working daily to make more and more organists all over the world satisfied with their own Content organ. Will you be the next? 

In name of the whole Content Team we wish you a lot of 'joy to play'! 


Gerco Foppen
Main Director/CEO
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