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About Content Organs

Building organs rooted in the Dutch organ culture.

The Netherlands has a rich organ culture. Already in the fifteenth century, organs were built in innovative ways in our low countries. Six centuries later, there is still a thriving music culture in which not only organs are developed and sold but also actively played. This culture and the artisanal organ building are also the breeding ground of Content Organs, a Dutch organ builder of digital and Hauptwerk organs.

The family business celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020 as a leading digital organ builder.

Over 40 years of organ building

An intriguing history

The foundation of our organ workshop was laid in 1980 by founder Bert Foppen. From the beginning, there was a strong focus on product development and the application of qualified techniques. This approach proved to be effective and was recognized with the prestigious French award 'Diapason d'Or' at the end of the last century. During this period, Content Organs was ready for the next step: an extensive facility with its production facility in the 'Kerkdennen' industrial park in Ermelo.

Inventive thinking

Various developments

In the late eighties, we made the transition from analog to digital organs. This transition significantly expanded the possibilities and the variety of organ types available. Thanks to this technological advancement and creative thinking, new series of organs emerged. A groundbreaking development was the introduction of the Mondri Classic Series in 2006. This organ fully utilized an advanced, self-designed microchip and high-quality samples. This development led to a substantial increase in our global market presence.

Ready for the future

A new Organ factory

Due to the growth in global sales, Content Organs was ready for a new step in 2008: the realization of a larger organ factory with accompanying showrooms and concert hall in the 'Veldzicht' industrial area in Ermelo. In 2009, this new and modern building was opened by the mayor of Ermelo. With this building, Content Organs is once again ready for the future!

New breakthrough

Invention Technology

Another breakthrough in technological development was imminent. This led to the launch of the in-house developed 'Invention Technology' in 2012. This technology offers unlimited possibilities for both the organist and the listener. With the ability to store four independent sample libraries and multiple listening positions in the virtual (church) space, the possibilities are almost endless!

Pipe organs from your own living room

Virtual Pipe Organ

At the beginning of the 21st century, a new development emerged: through the computer program Hauptwerk, playing famous pipe organs became possible. Right from the start, Content Organs were equipped with a Hauptwerk mode. As the demand for robust 'Virtual Pipe Organs' increased, Content Organs has been building and supplying these organs since 2015, our Cambiare series. These organs feature high-quality audio solutions that provide a lifelike experience in your living room. With the opening of our Experience Center at the end of 2018, Content Organs offers organists the opportunity to hear and play various VPO solutions live. By offering both digital and VPO organs, Content Organs is a unique player in the organ market.

Customer-focused, Professional, and Innovative

Our Mission

Content Organs is a leading Dutch manufacturer of digital organs. Our organs are built on our brand promise of 'true-to-life sounds.' We offer individuals, churches, and institutions worldwide a wide selection of organs. Our company is focused on customer orientation, professionalism, and innovation. Content Organs aspires to be recognized globally as one of the most renowned organ brands.

Experience, skill and craftsmanship

Our vision

Our customers experience that making music is a valuable way to express and share their feelings. Playing the organ brings joy and relaxation to their lives and enriches them. They value an inspiring and sustainable organ, focusing on quality, sound, convenience, and service. Content Organs helps its customers make the right choice by listening to their needs. We aim to differentiate ourselves by providing our customers with top quality, optimal service, and fair pricing. We are eager to build your organ in this way!

Organ building is an experience, a craft, and craftsmanship. Passionate employees work on the construction of our digital and Hauptwerk organs daily. On behalf of all our colleagues, Content Organs wishes you a lot of playing pleasure in advance!

Management Content Organs

Renewed manual

Digital organs

With our range of home organs, Content Organs makes organ playing accessible to every organ enthusiast. Our in-house developed Invention Technology® offers organists extensive capabilities.

Digital Home organs
Play famous pipe organs

Hauptwerk organs

Our Cambiare series allows you to play famous pipe organs in your living room. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of renowned organs in Dordrecht, Kampen, Rotterdam, and Utrecht!

Hauptwerk organs
Quality is our top priority!

Church organs

With years of experience, Content Organs can create a custom-built and intonated digital organ for any church or hall. You can also turn to Content for hybrid organs and digital pipe organs!

Church organs