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A Hauptwerk™/Sweelinq organ from Content Organs

On this page, you will find more information about Content Orgels' Cambiare series. The Cambiare models are organs equipped with Hauptwerk™ or Sweelinq. Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq are software programs that enable you to play famous and lesser-known organs from around the world in your living room or music studio.

Additionally, you can explore the various models, learn more about Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq, listen to our Cambiare organs through a selection of sample sets, and determine which available sample sets align best with your personal preferences.

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Experienced organ factory

For over 40 years, our organs have been crafted with traditional craftsmanship and passion. During these years, the name 'Content Organs' has evolved into a global brand, with a focus on high quality, prompt service, and innovation and flexibility. This establishes Content Organs as a solid and reliable builder of your dream organ.

Consol and finishing

All our organ consol - made from solid oak wood - are built by a Dutch consol maker with over 30 years of experience in the field. Quality and durability are also of utmost importance here. The sleek and modernly designed cabinets give your Hauptwerk™ or Sweelinq organ a sturdy and contemporary appearance. The durability of the organ is evident in its long lifespan, thanks to the use of solid oak wood. The organs are available in a wide range of colors!

Audio and sound reproduction

The audio quality and reproduction of our organs rightfully position us uniquely in the market. We firmly believe that only the finest (high-end) audio systems are capable of faithfully reproducing the sampled organ sounds. These systems include internal or external speakers housed in wooden enclosures. These speakers have been developed by a specialized team of audio technicians and organists. To achieve optimal sound reproduction, they have developed their own audio protocol, among other things. Of course, the speakers and amplifiers are developed and assembled in-house. Experience it for yourself by playing one of our Hauptwerk™ or Sweelinq organs at one of our dealers or in our Experience Center!

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