Cambiare organs

Cambiare 312

The Cambiare 312 is characterized by its compact design and user-friendly touchscreens. You can easily play famous pipe organs at home using samplers such as Hauptwerk and Sweelinq. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful romantic sounds of French organs, play Dutch chorale art on the Bätz-Witte organ in the Utrecht Dom, or experience the Hinsz organ in the Kamper Bovenkerk. Of course, there is also a wide range of Baroque organs, including Dutch organs (such as Groningen, Noordbroek, and Leeuwarden), as well as German organs (Freiburg, Bückeburg, Lüdingworth). The Content Cambiare 312 offers something for everyone!

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'Walk through the church' using a slider

Virtual player position

It is also possible to control the reverb of different church spaces. With an in-house developed 'Position' application, Content gives you the opportunity to create the desired sound experience in the room. The audio system of the Cambiare 312 is designed so that you can 'walk through the church' using a slider. This allows you to experience the sound as if you are at the back of the church, and the organ sound is rich and spacious. But you can also opt for a direct sound, as if you are behind the manuals, and in the midst of the pipework. A true surround experience, built into your organ!

Cambiare 312 - CBM121 - detail 10
User friendly operation, all functions at your fingertips

Content User Interface

The user-friendly control interface makes working with Hauptwerk very easy. The available functionalities are right at your fingertips, via the two touchscreens. Of course, registration is possible, as well as adjusting the pitch, recording your organ playing, and setting the reverb and listening position in the Content User Interface.

No concessions on quality!

High-end audio

The quality of the audio system guarantees playback at a high-end level. This is due, among other things, to carefully selected speakers, innovative technology, and the flexibility for you as a player to determine how you want your organ to sound. All of this brings an unparalleled sound experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the sounds of the most beautiful pipe organs while playing!

Organ model Componist Music piece Organist Duration
Cambiare 312 J.S. Bach | BWV731 Liebster Jesu wir sind hier Gert van Hoef 03:07
Cambiare 312 G. van Hoef Just as I am Gert van Hoef 04:31
Cambiare 312 A. Guilmant Andante con moto Gert van Hoef 03:12
Cambiare 312


  • 3 manuals
  • Standard two touchscreens
  • Ultimate sound experience through proprietary audio protocol
  • Multifunctional audio system
  • Adjustable reverb
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy switching between different sample sets
  • Contemporary designed cabinet
  • Stylish cabinet made of (solid) oak