Ecuador - Quito - Monastery

"I would like to congratulate you on the work you have delivered and its quality. The sound of our new organ approaches that of a pipe organ. Our choice for a Kienle pipe system was the right one. We are very happy!"

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After playing the newly installed Content Chapel 340R (with Kienle pipe system) for the first time, the head organist of a monastery order in Ecuador sent us this message:

Thanks to the choice of a real digital pipe organ, the sound in the large monastery chapel is lifelike and true to nature. This is reinforced by the fact that we use pipes for the resonance of the different frequencies. In addition, the acoustics in this chapel are unique, thanks to the wooden arches and stone floor. Both the console and the pipe system with its accompanying structure are made of solid oak and thus fit perfectly in the sacred space.

We thank the religious order for their trust in Content Organs. Thanks to the convincing quality of this installation, they are now planning more installations of different Chapel organs.