Cambiare organs

Cambiare 323

The Cambiare 323 is characterized by its external sound system. This unique high-quality audio set is designed by a team of audio specialists. The speakers are housed in a casing made of French oak wood, allowing them to be positioned in a way that maximizes the spatial experience of Hauptwerk™.

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Minimalistisches Design, maximale Flexibilität

Ein ideales Übungsorgel

The Cambiare 323 is the ideal study organ for every organist. You can easily load famous pipe organs and then enjoy, for example, the powerful principals and clear reeds of the Müller organ (Leeuwarden), or explore the numerous reed stops on the Nancy organ. This organ allows organists to express music from every stylistic period. The minimalist design and the option to place the speakers anywhere offer maximum flexibility!

Cambiare 323 - CBM231 - detail 8 (1)
User friendly operation, all functions at your fingertips

Content User Interface

The use of the Content User Interface provides users with the ability to easily switch between sample sets and presents the disposition of different organs in a uniform manner. This also applies to the choice of temperaments and various memory banks for presets. Additionally, our Content User Interface offers various Hauptwerk options (such as recording your own organ music). All these functions can be accessed by switching from the disposition to the settings screen. After adjusting settings, starting a recording, or selecting the sample set, you can easily return to the disposition.

Available in a 2-, 3-, and 4-manual version

Cabinet and finish

This organ comes standard with one touchscreen in a wooden housing, and an optional second touchscreen is available. The screens can also be placed vertically, although they are typically mounted horizontally above the keyboards. This organ is available with two manuals -223-, three manuals -323-, and four manuals -423-. Request a brochure for more information!

Organ model Componist Music piece Organist Duration
Cambiare 323 G. Bélier Toccata | D-mineur Gert van Hoef 04:55
Cambiare 323 K.J. Mulder Kerstfantasie Gert van Hoef 05:35
Cambiare 323 J.S. Bach Badinerie Gert van Hoef 01:23
Cambiare 323


  • 4 manuals
  • Standard one touchscreen, option for second touchscreen
  • Ultimate sound experience through proprietary audio protocol
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy switching between different sample sets
  • Contemporary design
  • Multifunctional external audio system
  • Stylish and modern furniture made of solid woodwork