Cambiare organs

Cambiare 335

The Cambiare 335 follows the well-known Mondri style of Content Organs. These cabinet models have been among the best-selling cabinet organ furniture for over ten years. Thanks to a narrow and elegant design, this organ doesn't take up more space than necessary, but the furniture itself is an absolute eye-catcher. The Cambiare 335 features an extensive internal audio system with built-in surround dispersion. Additionally, it is possible to expand this model with more internal speakers. The Cambiare 335 is delivered as standard without the Content User Interface (as with the Cambiare 315 and others), allowing direct access to Hauptwerk™ software or other VPO samplers via one or (optionally) two touchscreens on a sliding tray system. This provides you with all the options to adjust the settings of various sample sets. Of course, the chosen sample sets are fully calibrated upon installation. The Cambiare 335 is available in any desired color on oak, including various options.

This organ is available in all color variations.

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High-end cabinet from real oak wood


Content's organ furniture is crafted from European oak. Thanks to the dedicated cultivation by our own carpentry, we are always assured of the best possible quality. The use of solid oak allows the organs to be available in various lacquer, oil, or stain colors. This way, an organ always complements an interior or (future) decor. Every day, various carpenters work with care on the construction and finishing of the organs, from the smallest model to grand exclusive (custom-made) organ furniture.

Easy operation, authentic experience


With large 17” touchscreens, the Cambiare 335 is easy to operate. One or two screens can be easily hidden in the cabinet on sliding trays. You can position the screens at the desired location. This way, playing the organ becomes a truly authentic experience. Thanks to Content's high-quality standard, the touchscreens always incorporate the latest developments in the world of touchscreens.

Play famous pipe organs!

Virtual Pipe Organs

With Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO) software, you can play well-known church organs in the living room or music studio. Content offers a complete range of VPO organs with a wide variety of models in the Cambiare collection. Currently, VPO samplers Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq are used. Via both systems, a collection of hundreds of organs from around the world is available. Convince yourself of the possibilities that playing VPO organs can offer and make an appointment with one of our dealers or visit our Hauptwerk Experience Center in our organ workshop in Ermelo.

Organ model Componist Music piece Organist Duration
Cambiare 335 S. Karg-Elert Nun danket allen Gott Gert van Hoef 04:15
Cambiare 335 J. N. Lemmens Marche Triumphale Gert van Hoef 04:04
Cambiare 335 K.J. Mulder God roept ons broeders tot den daad Gert van Hoef 04:16
Cambiare 335


  • 3 Manuals Touch sensitive keyboards
  • Ultimate sound experience by own soundprotocol
  • Easy switching between sample sets
  • Modern design
  • Multifunctional audiosystem
  • 17" touchscreen on slide
  • Audio system modular expandable
  • New updates easy to implement in existing console
  • Ability to support via internet connection