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Düsseldorf St.Lambertus

The basilica of St. Lambertus is located in the very center of Düsseldorf’s historic old town. Over the years various organs have been installed in the church. The current instrument was built by Rieger (Austria). The main organ (Hauptorgel), with 54 voices, was built in 1999. It has 4 divisions (Grand Orgue, Positif, Récit, Pédale) assigned to 3 manuals and pedal, operated by tracker action.

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The choir organ

5 years later, in 2004, a choir organ (Chororgel) was built, located on the right side of the altar. A fragment of a baroque organ cabinet was used in its façade. It has 3 sections: Grand Orgue, Récit and Pédale. Grand Orgue and Pédale are placed in the baroque cabinet, while Récit is located below, enclosed in a swell box. The baroque cabinet is open to two sides, i.e. the front section is on the right side of the altar, and the rear section is on the altar bypass.


The main organ

In the main organ, the pedal towers (on both sides) contain the largest pipes of the GO Montre 16′ and other pedal flue stops. The largest Soubasse 32′ voice pipes are located at the back of the organ case. The Positif division is located behind the organist’s back, suspended from the choir balustrade. In the middle of the façade in the front, the Grand Orgue is located. Behind it sit pedal reed stops and behind them the Récit division is enclosed in a swell box.

Unusual aspects

Both instruments can be operated thanks to a mobile console equipped with 4 manuals and pedal. A new coupler has been added in the sample set: “IV/I Man”. When the choir organ is linked to the 4th manual thanks to its couplers, the new coupler allows to still have its stops accessible from the 1st keyboard. Also the design of the main organ and choir organ is in itself unusual – they are not two different instruments in different styles. The choir organ was designed as a completely standalone instrument, very similar in sound structure to its “big sister”. The organist has the fine chance to enrich the sound of the main instrument in the fine acoustics of St. Lambertus and to overwhelm the audience in the middle of the church with this “prolongement”.

This sample set is available for all our Hauptwerk organs through the supplier Piotr Grabowski.

Düsseldorf St.Lambertus


  • Rieger, 1999/2004
  • 4 manuals
  • 76 stops


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