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Rotterdam Laurenskerk

The main organ of the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Rotterdam was built by the firm Marcussen & Søn from Denmark. The organ is 23 meters high, has four manuals, 85 stops and 7600 pipes. It is the largest organ in the Netherlands and the largest church organ with mechanical action in Europe.

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Marble red

The marble red screen is an exact copy of the red screen (J.Cuidici 1746-1819) of the main organ destroyed by fire during the war, with preserved bronze ornaments. The organ case is a design by the architect J.W.C. Besemer. The newly manufactured chamade work (a row of reeds) above the console is special. The organ was completed in 1973. It was festively inaugurated on December 8, 1973 by organist Johann Th.Lemckert. About 1800 people were present at the time, including Prince Claus.


Cambiare Organ

This organ can be ordered with all our Cambiare organs through supplier Sonus Paradisi.

Rotterdam Laurenskerk


  • Marcussen, 1973
  • 4 keyboards
  • 85 stops


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