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Dordrecht Augustijnenkerk

In 1897, Dr. J.J. Stronck, pastor emeritus of Dordrecht, donated 25,000 guilders for the construction of a new organ. One of his conditions was that the old balustrade should remain and that the Dordrecht coat of arms above the old organ should get a place on the new organ case. The organ was placed in 1899 by the organ builder M. Maarschalkerweerd of Utrecht and solemnly consecrated on Sunday, September 24 of that year by Dr. J.Th.A. Jonker.

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The work of Maarschalkerweerd & Zn can be divided into 3 stylistic periods. The Dutch period (1870-1885), with classical mechanical organs, in which modern elements of sound and wind supply were already incorporated. The French period (1885-1895), the introduction of inverted free-standing console, swell box and Barker machine. Many details are executed in accordance with Cavaillé-Coll’s work, such as French reeds and overblown flutes. German-French period (1895-1915), replacement of mechanical action by pneumatics and membrane chests (Weigle system), the timbre remains French-oriented.

Maarschalkerweerd-orgel, Augustijnenkerk Dordrecht (22)

A French-Dutch organ

The Dordt organ dates from the German-French period. The timbre of Maarschalkerweerd is an important historical fact that grew from the classical Dutch building principles, went through a development to an organ type that was presented to him by his (indirect) ‘teacher’ the French organ maker Cavaillé-Coll. His organs are therefore a fine translation of the work of this Cavaillé-Coll without denying his own Dutch background.

The instrument has 27 stops, divided between two manuals and pedal.
In the fall of 2019, major maintenance was performed by J.J. Elbertse in Soest.

The sampleset of this organ is available via supplier Sweelinq.

Dordrecht Augustijnenkerk


  • Maarschalkerweerd, 1899
  • 2 manuals
  • 27 stops


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