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Veenendaal Oude Kerk

In 1974, the organ builder H.J. Vierdag in Enschede delivered the current organ. The very first organ was placed in 1866 by Van Oeckelen in Haren. The case of this organ served as an example for the contemporary instrument. This resulted in an organ façade in the northern Dutch style, with a late eighteenth-century appearance.

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Pipe work

Much of the pipe work comes from the organ of the former Wilhelminakerk in Rotterdam, built in 1900 by D.G. Steenkuyl of Amsterdam. The Steenkuyl organ was a popular instrument. In particular, the well-known Dutch organist Feike Asma gave numerous concerts and made several LP recordings of this organ.

Vierdag-orgel - Veenendaal (5)


As a result, only a few stops required new pipework (in matching bill). However, the front pipes were replaced by new ones. Thus Vierdag built an organ with a baroque disposition with pipe material of the romanticist Steenkuyl. One could call the contemporary Veen organ the Steenkuyl-Vierdag organ.

Veenendaal Oude Kerk


  • Vierdag, 1974
  • 2 keyboards
  • 23 stops


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