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Groningen Martinichurch

The construction of the main organ in the Martinikerk started around 1480. The humanist Rudolf Agricola was involved as an advisor during the first construction phase. The development of the organ reached its peak in the 18th century after it was successively expanded by Arp Schnitger, his son Franz Casper and Albertus Hinsz. During the restoration of the organ (completed in 1984) the situation of 1740 was taken as the starting point.

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North Europe Baroque organ

With its 3500 pipes and 53 stops, the organ of the Martinikerk is one of the largest Northern European Baroque organs. The registers are divided over Hoofdwerk, Rugwerk and Bovenwerk and a free pedal.

This organ can be ordered with all our Cambiare organs through supplier Sonus Paradisi.

Groningen Martinichurch


  • Schnitger, 1692
  • 3 keyboards
  • 53 stops


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