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Noordbroek Dorpskerk

The 24-part organ was built in 1696 by Arp Schnitger and initially had two manuals with pedal. In 1768 Albertus Hinsz replaced the shortened octave with a full major octave and expanded the number of registers. Heinrich Freijtag carried out a major renovation from 1806, during which the appearance of the organ was drastically changed. He added pedal towers and redesigned the front pipework. The organ balcony and the draperies on the wall behind the organ were also made during this period. In 1855 Petrus van Oeckelen carried out work.

Schnitger, 1696 2 manuals 24 stops

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Van Oeckelen

He made changes to the registers and applied a pedal torque. The last major restoration was carried out in 2014 by Mense Ruiter organ builders. The organ has 24 stops, divided over Hoofdwerk (10), Rugwerk (7), and Pedal (7) stops.

This organ can be ordered with all our Cambiare organs through supplier Sonus Paradisi.

Noordbroek Dorpskerk


  • Schnitger, 1696
  • 2 keyboards
  • 24 stops


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