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Haarlem St.Bavo

Soon after its completion the organ became a tourist attraction with international fame and it still is. It was played by G.F. Händel in 1740 and ’50, who travelled to Haarlem especially for this purpose, and in 1766 the ten-year-old Mozart was on the organ. In summer the city organ concerts attract many visitors each week. This flocking of the public is even more supported during the biennial International Organ Festival. With the organ of Haarlem its maker, Christiaan Müller, a German by origin, has placed himself among the great organ builders not only of his time, but of all times.

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Marcussen from Denmark

Although it has been radically restored several times – the last big restoration was carried out in 1959-60 by the Danish company Marcussen – the organ has retained its original concept with yet about 90% of the pipes.During the past years the organ building company Flentrop from Zaandam, that is maintaining the organ, has carried out a number of retunings, through which the sound again closely approaches the original. The sound can be described as broad, prominent, and despite the countless nuances exceptionally homogeneous.

VanBraakFotografie - Orgeltocht Stille Zaterdag 8 april 2023 - Bavo Haarlem-8453

Famous stops

Famous is the Cornet, the register that is placed to enable strengthening of the melody of the psalm, and the Vox Humana, or imitation of the human voice, with which Händel was very charmed, as we know. 

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Haarlem St.Bavo


  • Müller, 1738
  • 3 keyboards
  • 63 stops


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