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Utrecht Domchurch

As early as 1342, there was an organ in the Utrecht Dom Church, which - after the church had been renovated in the Gothic style - was moved in 1481 to the east wall of the northern transept. The instrument was replaced in 1569 by a new three-manual organ with free pedal by Peter Jansz. the black. In 1779, the newly appointed organist Frederik Nieuwenhuijsen deemed it necessary to carry out extensive repairs to the organ and drew up a restoration plan with Gideon Thomas Bätz. Finally, in 1825, the churchwardens commissioned Johan and Jonathan Bätz to build the current organ.

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The architect Tieleman Franciscus Suys (1783 - 1861), professor at the Royal Academy of Art in Amsterdam, designed the organ case, which is in keeping with the Gothic space. Under the influence of Nieuwenhuijsen, a large number of registers from the 16th-century organ were placed in the new rugwerk.

Utrecht - Bätz-orgel (7)


From 1865 to 1911, successively C.G.F. White, J.F. Witte and J. de Koff carried out major changes. For example, the originally white case was painted over in imitation oak, the intonation was revised and eight registers made way for more romantically colored copies. After the construction of a heating system in the 1950s, the organ suffered greatly from large temperature changes. As a result, the instrument had become virtually unplayable by 1973.


The organ was completely restored by Van Vulpen in 1974-1975, based on the situation of 1831. The swell box, which was fitted around the upper work in 1911, was retained. With its fifty-two registers, the organ is the showpiece of the province.

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Utrecht Domchurch


  • Bätz e.a., 1831
  • 3 keyboards
  • 52 stops


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