Cambiare organs

Cambiare Suite II

With the Content Cambiare Suite II, playing church organs in the living room becomes accessible to every organist. The combination of advanced developments from Content's organ workshop and the diverse collection of sample sets via Sweelinq's sampler leads to a new and high-quality model in the Cambiare collection. Affordability and class go hand in hand with the Cambiare Suite II. The Cambiare Suite is also available in a version with three manuals, the Cambiare Suite III.

This organ is available in all color variations!

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Durability, elegance, and quality

Cabinet and audio

The high-quality multichannel audio system is fully integrated into the organ furniture, eliminating the need to connect external speakers in the living room. The organ furniture, entirely in an oak finish, is available in an extensive collection of stain, oil, or lacquer colors, ensuring that the furniture always complements your interior. The Cambiare Suite offers the ideal combination of solidity, elegance, and quality.

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Play famous pipe organs!

Virtual Pipe Organs

Content Organs has had its own unique vision of sound reproduction, build quality, and service for decades. This is reflected in a wide variety of offerings, both digital and virtual organs. When playing Virtual Pipe Organs (VPO), collaboration takes place with various providers of samplers and sample sets, such as Hauptwerk™ and Sweelinq. You can virtually play famous or lesser-known pipe organs in the living room. The list of Dutch organs for virtual organ playing is growing rapidly, mainly because the Dutch sampler Sweelinq makes them available to a broad audience. With the Content Cambiare collection, you play these organs in the living room. For the models in the Cambiare Suite collection, samplesets from the Sweelinq collection have been chosen.

All possibilities on two screens!

Operation by two touchscreens

The Cambiare Suite II and Suite III are always equipped with two touchscreens. These screens are integrated into the design of the organ furniture. Thanks to the size of these screens, it is possible to display each sample set fully and conveniently controllable. Playing various organs has never been so straightforward! With simple buttons, you can switch between different sample sets or add a new sample set. Sweelinq also provides the opportunity to record your own organ playing or to save and recall selected combinations (presets). These presets can optionally be recalled using illuminated thumb pistons.

Cambiare Suite II


  • Easy operation via two touchscreens
  • 10” touchscreens with high touch definition
  • Complete collection of Sweelinq sample sets
  • Furniture made of (solid) oak
  • LED pedal lighting
  • Bench with music storage
  • Plastic keyboards, upgrades possible
  • Swell pedal for volume or swell work
  • Multichannel audio system, with built-in rear speakers
  • Various options (such as LED lighting in the music stand) possible
  • Content Online Support included